SDS Updates


With colder weather arriving and photos of snow appearing in our news feeds, we’ve reached that point in time where you have to get your fix. It’s time to grab your gear from the closet, strap in for a carpet shred session, and annoy the hell out of your downstairs neighbors.

Roast beef off the couch? Perhaps a front board on your ottoman? Or possibly tail tapping your coffee table, whatever it may be, we’d like to see how your talent compares to other carpet shredders around the world. Grab your camera of choice, whether it’s a Polaroid or an iPhone that makes photos look like a Polaroid, snap a shot, and post it on our Facebook wall.

We’ll post up all the entries in a photo album as they come in on so you can check them out. On October 25th at 3pm EST we’ll choose our favorite one and hook up the ultimate indoor carpet shredder with a brand new 2013 Artifact Rocker.

Also, feel free to use Photoshop as well or poorly as you’d like. Have you ever wanted to Lipslide the world’s largest piece of bacon? Photoshop! Have you ever wanted to Tailblock on the moon while shooting laser beams at the sun as it explodes? Photoshop! Wanna handplant a hippo, but too cheap to buy Photoshop? Microsoft Paint!

For some inspiration, check out last year’s photos:

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