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Announcing the Hike to Win Instagram Contest

As the season starts to kick off, it’s time to get your hiking legs ready. Let’s face it, hiking sucks without reward at the end of the slog.  But hiking a rail or post-holing for pow …those things have always been worth hiking for. While we can’t make it snow, we thought of a different way to make a pre-season hike worthwhile: a box of free stuff.

In order to provide a bit of incentive for an otherwise tedious task we’ve hidden ten custom-branded boxes across North America filled to the brim with SDS product.  To go with the box, you’ll find instructions on how to get a brand new pair of 2013 Libertine boots that feature the all-new TrackedOut Sole for added lightness and grip.

Each week we’ll release 2-3 photos on our Facebook page and Instagram of the general location of each box. However, the best way to track down the loot will be to use the Photo Map feature on our Instagram by following our ‘gram account @RomeSnowboards. Each photo will be geotagged with the exact location of the box, making them easier to claim.

So use the powers of the Instagram Photo Map for good and stalk some free stuff along with a brand new pair of boots.

First box location – VT – HAS BEEN CLAIMED
Second box location – CO – HAS BEEN CLAIMED
Third box location – OH – HAS BEEN CLAIMED
Fourth box location – BC – HAS BEEN CLAIMED
Seventh box – OR –

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