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Behind the Lens: Ian Post


First off, what is your name and position up at camp? What brings you back each summer?

I’m Ian Post and I did some filming, editing & livin’ up at Windells this summer alongside 6 other very talented individuals (Tyler, Alex, Durham, Macy, Jake & Will). It was my 1st time doing any camp-related work at Hood; we usually just post up somewhere weird and board. Summer at Hood is the absolute best. I’d want to be nowhere else.

What’s a day in the life of a filmer like at Windells?

Everyday was pretty busy, but always incredibly fun. Up at 8 (7am breakfast another option), gear & twist up, head to the mountain earlier in my own rig to get some laps in with Riley, Murphy, Haddock, Nial & demo center folk, lap Palmer a bit more until people are in the park around 10:30, bust out the camera/capture the crazy maneuvers Windells employees do until 3, drive, hang by the river, log the day’s clips, film some skating & camp activities until 8ish, twist, then finally work on the afterhours movie until 1-2am mostly. On in-betweens you can substitute the filming with working on session edits with Tyler. A bit busy sometimes.

How did you first get into filming?

I started by filming my friends when we went to our local mountain (Burke) to board. Now I film with my friends when we travel wherever the boarding’s good. Always been about missioning & adventuring with our group of VT homies and friends from elsewhere.

Favorite moment you’ve experienced while filming?

So many fun times, but I’d have to say this entire past winter as a whole was the best. I’d never ventured anywhere westward besides Hood before then. This year we got to travel to new places for 7 months straight. Rode pow one day at Alpine nip deep. That was so damn fun and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Session 3, 2012: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

What’s in your kit? Do you have a favorite setup or lens you shoot with?

I’ll always be an advocate of filming snowboarding with an actual video camera… My Panasonic HMC150, .4 fish, mic, & sketchy 35mm adapter with a lens rubber-banded on have treated me greatly for years. As of May I also started using a Nikon D5000 + 10-22mm lens for time lapses at Hood & on the OR coast. I think I’ll upgrade once I have any money to spend on new camera goods though.

A lot of people might not realize the hard work and effort that goes into filming snowboarding. Was there ever a time where you put in a ton of work to get a certain shot and it turned out awesome?

I’ve done more missions with Luke & Riley than I can think of that usually always end up with that kind of result. Of course it takes lots of driving, looking, getting kicked out, shoveling, bungee-ing, and more shoveling that gets us a clip or two. Or in the least, a good time.

What snowboard film are you most looking forward to seeing?

Always so many. Givin’s ‘too’ no doubt though. ‘one’ is the best flick overall I’ve seen in a long while. Next to that, surely holy smokes & the new gremlinz video.

afterhours iTunes teaser from afterhours on Vimeo.

What do you do during the winter?

Since Halloween I’ve been filming for the afterhours movie. Myself, Yale Cousino, Luke Haddock, Riley Nickerson, John Murphy, & many others have been traveling around the U.S. & Canada stacking clips, making edits, and boarding almost every day since last November. We ended up in VT, CT, Mass, Quebec, Denver, Boulder, a bunch of Tahoe, Bear, Mammoth, Breck, Bachelor/Superpark, Sugarbush, Hood, etc. mostly via-fj. So fun. The video is now available on iTunes, so everyone should probably check that out. All the proceeds go toward the next project…anything & everything helps. I’m getting DVDs made too, slowly, but had to ebay a lens first. So, the HD & SD download up at  is your best bet! Put a lot of time into that one…

What was your favorite edit from the summer and why?

I couldn’t really tell ya, I’m probably not going to re-watch any of them for a while. I’ve seen enough summer camp footy until next year. However, they all had the some of the highest quality summer boarding from a very talented group of diggers, coaches & such. All worth a watch. The Rome week was a good one & the 1st sunny session I’m pretty sure.

Top 3 favorite snowboard filmers?

Probably Cavan, Tanner Pendleton, & Joe Carlino… all real nice with what they do in their own way.

Best memory of camp this past season?

In-betweens were nice…coastal missions camping on the beach with Murphy, Riley, Luke, Dragotta, Nial, Christine, Connor, Joe G, Dom, & others were epic every time. Phyto plankton’s insane.

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