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Behind the Lens: Ian Macy

The dude can rip, too. R: Ian Macy


First off, what is your name and position up at camp? What brings you back each summer?

My name is Ian Macy and I was a video intern at Windells this Summer. The Northwest weather would definitely bring me back. The skateparks, all the snow and the people. There’s a lot of hiking and places to explore. Oregon is an altogether mind bending place.

What’s a day in the life of a filmer like at Windells?

I would wake up around 7, get some breakfast and pack a lunch over at camp. Back to the house for a while to organize footage for the session edits, grab our gear and head up to Hood. We were usually shooting soon after the park opened and packed up when ski patrol kicked us off the mountain. We would get back to the filmer house around 4, import and run over to camp to film skating, activities and grab dinner. I took a lot of laps around that skatepark this summer. Around 9 we were usually back at the house blessing up to the sacred crystal or whatever and doing computer nerd stuff. #buttonpushercrew

How did you first get into filming?

I started riding park at my local hill in Maryland. The rope tow was perfect for making edits with my friends. I guess it’s evolved since then, but the general idea is pretty much the same.

Favorite moment you’ve experienced while filming?

I filmed on the vert wall during this years Pipe 2 Pipe at the Windells skatepark. It was definitely a trip to film guys throwing mickeys and shredding that park. I’m always stoked to get the shot when riders pull those hail mary tricks

What’s in your kit? Do you have a favorite setup or lens you shoot with?

I’ve got a Canon 60D with a few lenses. I find myself using my fisheye with a Camtrol way more than the others… The Camtrol is a really good DSLR solution for filming follow or fisheye next to a feature.

A lot of people might not realize the hard work and effort that goes into filming snowboarding. Was there ever a time where you put in a ton of work to get a certain shot and it turned out awesome?

What I’ll always remember one of the first real handrails I hit with my friends. We dug out the stairs, hand shoveled this huge pile of snow for a drop-in and filmed on the rail for a few hours. It’s funny how much work snowboarders put into making a spot happen compared to skateboarding.

What snowboard film are you most looking forward to seeing?

The Darkside, hands down… Those guys are pushing Snowboarding in a way I can relate to. I usually buy all the videos I want to see each and every season. The Shred Remains was the best snowboard film I’ve seen in a theatre so I’m excited to see what you guys come up with next time around…

What do you do during the winter?

I film and edit for Seven Springs in the winter. I produce web content for their ever-growing terrain park program. When we don’t have much natural snow, we have The Streets. When we get enough snow – Pittsburgh has a ton of spots. Hoping to film more street this winter…

What was your favorite edit from the summer and why?

My favorite edit from the entire summer was the HCSC Session 3 video. Their film crew is so dialed. It seems like the craziest snowboarding on the mountain goes down right across from Windells when no one is watching.

Summer Sickdaze from IMMD on Vimeo.

Top 3 favorite snowboard filmers?

Sean Lucey, Joe Carlino, and Kevin Castanheira.

Best memory of camp this past season?

Well I’ll never forget swap day. Everyone trying to ski and rollerblade really hurt my ribs. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The staff party hahah dudes were getting super loose in the skatepark and there was a huge bonfire. Debauchery, tons of rad people and plenty of entertainment.

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