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A Year in #Instagram with @Hucalberry


Marie Hucal’s got smiles for miles.  No matter what she’s doing, she’s always happy, and always seems stoked on it.  Of course, it may be easy to be in a good mood when you spend your winters traveling around killing it on a snowboard and your off season traveling the country and taking in some of the most beautiful views North America has to offer.  You can check out some of the scenes she takes in by giving her a follow on the Instagram machine at @Hucalberry.

Looking at your Instagram lately is like flipping through Backpacker Magazine… Give us a quick update of where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to this off season. 

After I spent all summer riding at Mount Hood, I had to plan a car route home. So far this off season I’ve made it a lot of nice places, from The cascades, to Lake Tahoe then all around Washington and Oregon. I drove down the I-90 and stopped at all of the national parks On the way too, Olympic, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Badlands…. I recommend everyone buy an annual pass and jump in the car if they’ve got some time to kill!

What’s the best photo you’ve seen from someone else on Instagram in the past week, who was it, what was it of?

My favorite photo of last week is an incredible sunset overlook of the town of Cusco, Peru that my friend Terra Michilot snapped while on her travels.

Give us your number one Instagram etiquette tip.

Not sure if it’s etiquette, but if you have service in a weird place, post a photo… Just because you can!


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