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Shop Guy of the Week: Evan Ricker


Dedicated.  It’s about the best word you can describe Evan’s passion for snowboarding, but it’s such a simple word, and may not even do his outlook justice.  Years ago, Evan and I exchanged emails about him interning here at Rome.  A better way to describe it would be he relentlessly filled my inbox until I caved and set him up to work with me for the summer.

Evan was down do whatever to make it work.  He spent the summer in a tent at Little River campground a few miles from Rome, rode his bike to work every day, and was never late.  Not to mention the ride included one of the biggest hills you can imagine to ride a bike up.  I think I only gave him a ride home once, in the pouring rain, and it took me 5 minutes to get into the car with him insisting he was fine.  He worked until late and more than one time I left while he was skating the mini into the night.

Fast forward a few years and Evans hard work paid off.  Still shredding every day possible, still skating mini every day, and he’s managing one of the best shops in the North East, Darkside Killington.  Hell yeah Evan!

Ron – Marketing Manager


Ok, basics first. What’s your name and where’s your shop?

Evan Ricker, Darkside at Killington, VT.

What’s your home mountain?


How long have you been working in the shop?

Three years.

How’d you get the job?

I was living in a tent in Mt. Mansfield State Park, interning for a snowboard company in VT.  Aaron Carr put me on at Darkside after a recommendation from Tyler Mills and a phone call from the woods.

What makes your shop stand out?

“THE PASSION” – Lizard King

Pour some History on that PASSION and you could see why we stand out.

What’s the craziest thing a customer’s asked for?

Had a 78 year old man come in and ask me, “What would be a good Freestyle board for me?”

He had the PASSION

Favorite Rome product and why?

The Rome Graft Snowboard!!! Now the Reverb.

Why? Well like Phelper says, “Gravity’s a Bitch!!”

And there is no other board that I would like to fight that bitch with than the Cambered Reverb! MRKN

What’s your spirit animal?

A Lion.

Tell us a joke?

Why doesn’t a chicken wear pants?

Because his peckers on his head.

Any local riders that you or the shop in general are especially stoked on?

OG: Aaron Carr, Will Burdick, Uncle Jimbo Billings, Duab, Tian, and Stompy Chan. Respect.

G’s: Tim Major, Ryan Getek, Riley Nickerson, Tyler Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Niko Chioffi, Lemi, Lucas Magoon, Quinton Jones, Dakota Whitaker, and all the little homiez trying hard around here.

You’re stuck on a chairlift for 8 hours, who are the 3 people you’d like to be stuck with?

Travis Russ: Most positive guy on the planet!!!

Tweak: Always has music and good ideas.

Ryan Getek: So we can rap battle!!

Best pick up line?

Maybe not the best.

Fitness Pick-Up Line

Guy: You like fitt’n’iss

Girl: Yeah

Guy: Howz bout fitt’n’iss Dick in yo mouth!!!

Don’t judge. That shits funny right there.

If you could do only one trick the rest of your life, what would it be?

Trying not to go typical Method on this one.

A sit’n’spin or a hand plant.

Pow lines or park laps?

Pow lines to the  park.

On the East Coast Killington, Smuggs, Stowe,  and Loon are all mountains I’ve enjoyed doing the powder park combo.

Worst thing known to man is being on park crew digging out rails after a snow storm though.

Favorite shred flick from last season?

Shoot the Moon: annoying menu but retardedly good snowboarding.

Shred Remains: It’s cool to see bigger projects done.

TB 20: I liked to see Kevin Jones back!!! Fucking prolific snowboarder!!!

Gremlinz: Played it on repeat just because.

What one thing would you change about snowboarding to make it better?

Make it so you don’t have to be rich to do it!!!!

Describe the perfect day of riding.

Get up early. Just snowed. Wake up the house. Cook up. Call up the crew. Hit the Shop. Hit the mountain. Laugh in the gondola. Rage with elders on the powder runs. Rage with crew. Hit the park. Learn a new trick. Two runs and a wink. Back to the shop. Sell a ton of snowboard shit. Have a rail-jam in The Dark PARK. Close-up. PARTY!

And film all of it!!!

Any shout outs?

Shout outs to : The God Father, Darkside Family, Family, Rome Family, The Darkside Team, MRKN, Wet Cig, Loonatics, Yagoons, Flip Side Skate Park, The Plaza Skate Park, Spit Jack, Park Crews, VG, Thrasher, The Garden, 2E, Eastern Boarder, East Snowboard Mag, Snowboarder Mag, Filmers, Photographers, GBP, Van life, Surfing, and Skateboarding.

If I forgot anything or anyone I apologize.

Any last words?

We Might be Getting a VAN!!

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