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Rusty’s Run: Touring the US of eh?

ROME SDS // #THEMANBOYS // 09.13.12

On this day, Sept 13th 2012, Rube Goldberg and I, Rusty Ockenden will leave our beloved home of Canadia and venture our way into the territory of US of A. With a tent, sleeping bags, camera, and motorcycles, we’ll zip along the pacific coast on the open road. Our destination? Encinitas, CA for the premiere of People Films new release, “PRETTY WISE” on September 25th.

Anyone who is interested in taking a peek and making sure we don’t end up face down in a ditch can check out #themanboys on Instagram for our daily grams of what should be a “very scenic route.” We also plan on stopping in Portland, San Francisco, LA, and possibly Las Vegas. So tune in for what should be some beers, boobs, surfing, and hopefully some automatic weapons, Ehmurica! We will try and keep the frontal male nudity to a minimum…

When we make it safely back in early October to our beloved homeland Canada be sure to check in for a proper blog post complete with non-iPhone legit photos and recollected stories of the Good Times™.

Yours Truly,

R. Ockenden

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