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Ask the Rider – Live on Facebook with Will Lavigne

With a hammer video part hot off the press and preparation for the new Déjà Vu project around the corner. We managed to pull Will Lavigne from his busy schedule and give you the opportunity to ask him whatever you like.

For two hours this Friday, September 28th, we will hand control of the Rome Snowboards Facebook account over to Will and you’ll have full access to drop any question that comes to mind.

Favorite place to shred?  Best prank he’s pulled on LNP? Who smells the worst on the team? Favorite Trick? Ask away, and he’ll do his best to answer.

Plus, since Will loves to ride the Artifact, he asked if he could give one away. So, you’ll also have the chance to be randomly selected as the winner of a New 2013 Artifact, the exact board you can see him crushing handrails with in his “One Off” full part.

Just log onto Facebook from your computer or phone, give the Rome SDS Facebook page a like, and leave comments or questions under the photo we will post at 4pm Eastern time.  Will Lavigne will be waiting to answer your questions and you might become the lucky winner of a new “Sorry for partying” 2013 Artifact.

Check out when to ask questions!

4-6pm Eastern

3-5pm Central

2-4pm Mountain

1-3pm Pacific


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