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A Year in #Instagram with @LucasDebari


Lucas Debari pretty much lives in the mountains. He spends his winters bouncing around Alaska, British Columbia, and peaks out in Europe, living in a tent out on glaciers riding literally the most epic terrain in the world. His Instagram account reflects this. If you can handle these photos without having a jealousy overload, check him out at @LUCASDEBARI.

If you had to guess, how many summits have you had in the past year, seems like every other photo of you on Instagram is, “Hanging out at the top of ________”?

If I had to guess I would say I’ve topped out on a dozen or so peaks in the past year. However it’s usually the adventure getting to the top that draws me in more than the actual peak itself.

How long have you been into rock climbing?

I think I started this madness about 4 years ago. Initially I only wanted to learn how to use ropes for rappelling into lines on my snowboard. This ambition quickly evolved into a love for climbing up the side of cliffs.

You spend a lot of your year outside of the reaches of technology, which must be nice. What are the first tech things you do when you get back to civilization after a long trip out in the mountains?

It is nice to come back to civilization and reap the benefits of a fully developed society. I have no problem hanging out watching TV and dorking around on YouTube after such an adventure. I would have to say that my favorite thing to come home to is a fully operable flushing toilet. Besides that I spend most of my time at home recovering from my last climb and catching up on emails.

What’s the photo you’ve seen in the past week or so on Instagram that’s stoked you out the most, and who posted it?

I would have to say that Renan Ozturk probably has my favorite grams. His style of artistic photography is one of my favorites; he is also always doing something badass.

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