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Party Time ’12: Windells Session 7 Recap


All good things must come to an end.  The campers run home to parents and Mt. Hood transients slowly disappear back to where they came from.  It was a great summer at Windells and no one could have asked for a better time. As always, the huge on-hill park couldn’t have been what it was without the blood, sweat, and tears of the digger staff.

Since it was the last session it was decided to change things up some for the Rome Sponsor events. On the hill a high ollie contest was still a blast, and made it easier to tell who had skateboarded before, looked like they should play basketball, or simply frightened us. Cody lost his PB&J to a proper switch high ollie and then almost got lost a finger due to some extreme acrobatic maneuvers.  Brooks Finlinson had the most hops, however, and scored some new 2013 Mob bindings.

For Splasher Night finalists, some actual water got incorporated and the acting gig got nixed. Campers pelted each other with water balloons and when only a few were left, a shootout was held. Cody Booth took one for the team and offered a best shot wins all deal. Brody Haugen (a.k.a. Nolan Ryan) got a fastball in and rocketed a water balloon into Cody’s face. Brody ended up walking away with a giant check good for one 2013 Rome Artifact! Afterward everyone got hooked up party style with some The Shred Remains DVDs, tank tops, zinc, sunglasses, and neck tubes.

After campers depart and camp comes to a close at Windells, a staff-only party is held and the kitchen crew slaves for one last time. In summer time fashion everyone feasted on steak, chicken, corn, salads, fruit, and some tasty beverages. The skate bowl was turned into a real pool and a bonfire ensued. Thanks Windells for the great vibes and for having Rome partake in some solid party times… See you next summer!

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