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A Year in #Instagram with @William_Lavigne


Will is a funny ass dude and about the best person to have on a snowboard trip with you. Aside from killing it at riding, he’s got a really positive attitude and is always down for a good laugh. Check out his Instagram feed for some good ole’ fashioned snow-porn and some pretty funny eclectic photos, @william_lavigne.

The most generic question ever – How was your season and where’d you film?

The season was really good. It was hard with the snow, but back home the snow was great so I got to stay in Quebec for most of the winter. In March I went out to Whistler and it was still tough with the snow, but we definitely made some stuff happen.

Most annoying photos on Instagram?

People posting too much food, and eating photos are annoying. People that think they’re cool posting photos of what they’re cooking (except Paddock)*. I have friends that post some full toilets, that’s pretty gnarly too.

How do you feel about feed cloggers?

It’s always the same girls, usually a girl who thinks she’s pretty and keeps posting photos of herself over and over again, but I just unfollow them if that’s the case.

If people follow you and see photos that weren’t appropriate to post here do you have any pre-apologies?

Nope, they should just keep following me.

* Paddock is our Director of Hardgoods Graphics here at Rome, and an avid cook. His instagram is @paddock

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