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Shop Guy of the Week: Cody Sanders


The Midwest is awesome for a ton of reasons. Not only is the dedication to shred at a seriously high level, there is also a high level of dedication and support for local shops. Martini Skate and Snow is one of those shops, so we’re hyped to have Cody Sanders as this week’s Shop Guy of the Week.

Ok, basics first. What’s your name and where’s your shop?

 My name is Cody Sanders and I work at Martini Skate and Snow. We have 2 locations in NE Ohio and just opened our 3rd location near Columbus in Dublin.

What’s your home mountain?

My home mountain is Brandywine, psyched to get some more laps at Mad River down south this year with that new store. I wouldn’t call ‘em mountains though, more like large hills.

How long have you been working in the shop?

I’ve been working in the shop for almost 4 years now.

How’d you get the job?

Well I got on the snow team and then some months later Mike (the owner) called me up to see if I wanted to work in the store. I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

 What makes your shop stand out?

Our shop stands out with the variety of product that we carry and the high level of customer service we take to the floor every day. We’re not going to try and sell a customer some random hardgoods just to put money in the register, we ask the customer a bunch of questions to try and figure out what’s going to be the best possible setup for them. What they’re truly going to have fun on. Not calling anyone out, it’s just how we do things.

What’s the craziest thing a customer’s asked for?

An elderly gentleman walked in thinking we were a bar… He got bummed. Ice skates and rink hours are common phone calls.

Favorite Rome product and why?

I’m psyched to sell the Hammerhead, that board looks like a blast! The shape is really unique and the flex is proper. Can’t go wrong with the Canteen, for obvious reasons.

What’s your spirit animal?

People seem to picture me as a Giraffe

Tell us a joke?


Any local riders that you or the shop in general are especially stoked on?

Too many! Dan Morrison, he has been slaying for a long time, his part in SOONER or LATER is one of my favorites. Tony Accuardi is consistent with good style. Mike Campbell, Alex Yost, all the people riding for the shop have been killing it. Can’t wait to put some dudes on from Columbus.

You’re stuck on a chairlift for 8 hours, who are the 3 people you’d like to be stuck with?

Jamie Lynn, John Cardiel, and Bill Murray

Best pick up line?

I could never lace a pick up line, I got nothin’.

If you could do only one trick the rest of your life, what would it be?


Pow lines or park laps?

Pow lines – they are a rarity here.

Favorite shred flick from last season?

Shoot the Moon.

What one thing would you change about snowboarding to make it better?

The whole experience of snowboarding is too expensive for some of people. If it was possible to bring down prices of hardgoods and lift tickets that would be rad.

Describe the perfect day of riding.

A proper breakfast is the AM. Round up the homies and take some laps. Keep the crew together and try and go get some shots into the night. Finish her off with a chill buzz provided by Budweiser and Jameson.

Any shout outs?

Shout outs go to Rich Whinnie, MW Rome rep. You always have a couch to crash on. Cody P, Dan, Emmet, Ben and all the dudes that help me out. Mike Tirpak for giving me a job. All the homies I get the honor to ride with in Ohio. MI and PA dudes! Kevin Castanheira, thanks for starting to drop the video!

Any last words?

Keep a look out for SOONER or LATER. It is a MW project filmed over the 08/09 and 9/10 seasons that is finally starting to drop online. Cam Strand has an awesome closer part. Thanks for the shop guy honor ROME! Support your local shop!

SOONER OR LATER | INTRO from Kevin Castanheira on Vimeo.

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