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Party Time ’12: Windells Session 6 Recap


Summer camp is still going off out at Windells! A perfect park was complimented by amazing weather this session. A big thanks goes out to our diggers including Am riders Derrek Lever, Mark Wilson and Riley Nickerson- who also just celebrated their 21st and 22nd birthdays respectively!

Windells head digger Chase Weaver has one hard working crew under his belt, making the Windells park the best summer shred spot. On the coaching side of things Rome riders Ian Boll, Ozzy Henning and even Cody Booth with his busted ankle made sure their campers had a blast during session 6 at camp.

Back by popular demand we hosted the Rome on-hill grab contest again on the hip feature in the park. This week was the hardest event to judge by far because so many boarders were out there killing it and hiking back up for more! However it was Derek Gardner who latched onto the victory with a proper bloody Dracula, a move that would leave even the most limber in a state of confusion. This contorted maneuver earned Derek a pair of new 2013 Mob Bindings.

Back down on campus, we also witnessed the best Splasher night to date. Those who were caught were able to turn the tables and catch others, marking their friends with colored Rome Zinc sun-protector. Soon contestants were slimmed down and as with tradition, only one winner could walk away with the board. A lucky Sandy Harvie managed to duck, dip, and hide granting him entry into the finals while his Oscar award winning performance won him a 2013 Rome Artifact! All contestants in both events were stoked and walked away with some new Rome swag.

With only one summer snow session left here at Windells it feels as though the summer has flown by. Soon many will depart hood and simply count down the days till it snows again. Until then, we are going all out and making session 7 the best session all summer!

Photos: Erik Hoffman

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