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Party Time ’12: Windells Session 5


Session 5 was one action packed week up at Windells Snowboard Camp! It marked the 15th annual Pipe-to-Pipe contest, sporting an on-hill gauntlet of snowboarding, followed up by a mind bending skate portion in Windells’ concrete jungle. The Windells diggers reshaped the big 100ft money booter into a horseshoe shaped stunt ditch of sorts, littered with pole jams, channels, tubes and jumps.

Rome Am rider Mary Rand clocked in for work and earned some vacation time hyping the crowd up and walking away with 2nd place in the Pro division. Riley Nickerson and Ian Boll put on a clinic over at the pole jam hip with styled tweaked out grabs. Later, down at the skate portion of the contest, mayhem ensued. With 12-year-old kids who can make you look like a joke, to Portland’s gnarliest local skaters, this year’s skate portion left spectators in awe.

Rome’s on-hill sponsor event was hosted on a super fun hip, pushing boarders to tweak their hearts out for a pair of new 2013 Mob Bindings. Proper methods, seatbelt grabs and one-footers were on display along with a wide assortment of other funky grabs. When the dust settled, Sam Gildea was the lucky winner who scored the binders. Splasher night followed up in the evening with campers running and hiding, trying to be the last ones caught. After the field was narrowed, a sudden shark attack left the remaining contestants in a fight for their lives. But no worries, Weston Cleveland brought home the bacon with a crispy 2013 Rome Artifact!

As we are now reaching the final weeks at Windells, those in the know realize that the last couple sessions can be the most fun. Although many head back to Tahoe, Utah, and Colorado, the riders who stick around find themselves with more time for productivity, learning new tricks and progressing. Stay tuned, as Session 6 is about to be an amazing one!

Photos: Erik Hoffman. Off-Hill: Darcy Bacha

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