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A Year in #Instagram with @Instalazz


For someone with virtually no filter on what they’ll say and do, you may find it surprising that Johnny Lazz is pretty handy with the ol’ Instagram filter. He lives a pretty fun life, from adventures in snowboarding to chilling in Lake Tahoe all summer (#ilivewhereyouvacation), and he documents it well through Instagram, making him a definite follow.

So Lazz, Instagram seems to be your social media medium of choice, do you think you’ll ever completely abandon Facebook and Twitter?

I’ve already caught myself fading away from Facebook, instagram is killing it, but Facebook will always be dominate.

What’s the worst instagram faux pas?

Photos of food. Like c’mon, do we all really need to see what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

What’s a reason you’ve had to unfollow someone?

They be clogging up my feed!

Since you have a lot of followers, do you ever catch yourself posting something more personal you’d like just your friends to see, instead of the full public audience following you?

Sometimes after having a few drinks I’ll catch myself doing that, and then I take it down real quick! Whoooops!

What’s your favorite gram you’ve seen in past week or so and who was it from?

Boxgaps. Their photos kill it. I always get a smile when I see a good boxgap photo!

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