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Shop Guy of the Week: Mikaël Brown


This week’s Shop Guy of the Week comes from Mikaël Brown holding it down for Universe Boardshop in Repentigny, Quebec.

Ok, basics first. What’s your name and where’s your shop?

Mikaël Brown , Universe Boardshop , Repentigny QC.

What’s your home mountain?

Mont Avila and Mont St Bruno.

How long have you been working in the shop?

Five years.

How’d you get the job?

Universe Boardshop was hooking me up for snowboarding and one day the owner was looking for someone qualified to work in the snowboard area at the shop.

What makes your shop stand out?

The one thing that makes the shop stand out is that we are a big family and we all have a passion for what we are doing in the shop. Whether it’s snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, or skateboarding we all work there ‘cause it’s home.

What’s the craziest thing a customer’s asked for?

Some crazy mom asked me if we had figure skating costumes. I’ve also been asked if we had kayaks.

Favorite Rome product and why?

My favorite Rome product is by far the combination of the 390 Binding on a Postermania mixed up with Libertine boots. The snap of that board fits perfect with any type of riding. I’ve been riding those boots and binding over four years and they are just perfect!

What’s your spirit animal?

Not sure. I got a panther tattoo on my front arm so ill go with that haha!

Tell us a joke?

One time my Dad took my Moms brand new car while she was sleeping during the biggest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen to go pick up some worms and brought it back full of mud. That was a pretty funny joke to me.

Any local riders that you or the shop in general are especially stoked on?

Probably for all the kids in Quebec it would be Seb Toots, but for me it would be my homie Jasmin Valiquette who killed it in Kicking Horse Last season.

You’re stuck on a chairlift for 8 hours, who are the 3 people you’d like to be stuck with?

Benjamin Lachance, Nicolas St Pierre (the infamous ), and Samuel Lavoie … Sorry I have to add one … Jasmin Valiquette!

Best pick up line?

What’s your mom’s name!

If you could do only one trick the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably a big nose blunt.

Pow lines or park laps?


Favorite shred flick from last season?

Shoot the moon.

What one thing would you change about snowboarding to make it better?

Cut the season passes of all snowbladers.

Describe the perfect day of riding.

Friends, sun, fresh snow, and booze.

Any shout outs?

Universe Boardhop, Benjamin Lachance, Gab Lavoie, Anthony Simoneau, GOLDEN BC Kicking Horse, HOODSHI, All my friends and family & Trebeam Mtl.

Any last words?

Thank you Fivesixone Operative and Rome SDS for making this interview possible! Keep on shredding!

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