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Inside the Design House: Kim the Butcher!


We decided that since Kim was in town that it would be the perfect time for him to sit down with us, talk a bit about his work , and find out how he got started doing illustrations for the brand. Check out this quick interview and keep an eye out for Kim’s work on the new Death Riders gear dropping in the Fall.

Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?

I’m Kim “The Butcher!” Schreiner. I am an illustrator from Luxembourg, Europe. Right now I’m visiting Shawn, one of the designers at Rome, in Vermont while I’m on vacation.

How did you get the name Butcher?

My dad, my grand dad, and my great grand dad were all Butchers. But I’m not. My parents pushed me to study and go to school and do something different. So I graduated from a specialized Art High School and then went on to University. When I was starting doing band artwork I started using the name Kim the Butcher.

How did you first meet Shawn and start working with him on projects for Rome?

So I just randomly dropped some drawings into a design contest that you guys were having. They didn’t win but Shawn really liked them and didn’t believe I actually did them at first. So he emailed me and was like I really like what you’re doing, would you like to do the Death Riders stuff for next year? I had already been riding Rome stuff for years so I was stoked they asked me to do something, so I went ahead and said yes.

What other kinds of projects are you busy with?

I do a lot of graphics for Koloss skateboards from Muenster, Germany. Also for Sisters of Merchi from Cologne, Germany. Most of it is board graphics and clothing as well as some prints and original art work shows.

What are your plans for your first visit to the US?

Basically it’s a chill out vacation for me. I haven’t had time off since August. I’ve been hanging out at Shawn’s, looking around Vermont checking out the nature, and drinking some beers. Went and saw a Spit Jack show last night in Burlington. This weekend we’re going to New York, maybe get a tattoo if I can get an appointment. Probably check out some museums and exhibitions.

Do you get to snowboard a lot?

Not anymore unfortunately but I used to work as an instructor back in the day at a place called Feldberg that’s in the Black Forest in Germany. The Black Forest is a region in Germany that’s just all evergreens and they are way darker than normal trees, which is why it’s called the Black Forest. I had a couple slipped discs two years ago which limited my riding. But I got back on the board this season for a few weeks which was awesome.

What are some of your influences?

Punk rock, hardcore music, 80’s skateboard graphics, and middle ages wood block prints.

Check out more of Kim’s work on his website, his Facebook page, and keep an eye out for his illustrations on the 2013 Death Rider hoodie dropping in the Fall.

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