% For Snowboarding


Snowboard shops that live, breathe and stoke the world on riding are the backbone of snowboarding. When they not only sell and service great gear, but dynamically promote snowboarding through events, bbqs, teams, videos and engaged social media, snowboarding is healthy on a local level. Plain and simple, snowboarding needs great snowboard shops. They are the epicenters of local scenes.

At the same time, there has been a cultural shift for some people towards shopping online. Whether it is for convenience, habit or to find exactly what they want, some riders prefer to buy off the Internet. While we can’t wish people back into the 90s, we can create programs that address this shift in a healthy way.

With our unique and groundbreaking % For Snowboarding program, Rome is doing this. In fact, Rome is the only brand doing it.

Through % For Snowboarding, we’re the only brand that has created a way to meet both realities—the need to support snowboard shops and the need to meet the habits of the online customer. Through this program, we’re the only brand that includes retailers in the online purchases snowboarders make on our website. We’re the only brand that provides retailers with margin when a customer purchases directly from a brand.

And we’ve structured the program in an effort to benefit snowboarding in general—hence, the name. When a shop is selected on % For Snowboarding, that shop receives a strong margin for simply qualifying for the program. However, shops can increase their margin by doing things that benefit snowboarding in general. These are things like hosting contests at the shop, supporting local young riders, or even creating a shop video. If a shop spreads and promotes snowboarding, then we will compensate them for it through % For Snowboarding.

Through our % For Snowboarding program, riders can opt to shop globally. But they’ll always be spending locally.