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Glove Technology

Mitt and Glove Technology To Ride Out The Storm

Our mitt and glove design is focused on making snowboarding better in four main ways:

  1. Warmth: With new insulation systems designed for different climates of the world, our first goal in mitt and glove design is warmth. Warm hands are happy hands.
  2. Moisture Management: HiPora inserts, impregnated TechLeather and DWR finishes keep your hands dry by blocking external wetness while letting your hand’s perspiration escape.
  3. Dexterity: Starting with our 3D Precurved Fit and creating solutions like the placement of insulation weights, we create gloves with the ease-of-movement that snowboarding demands.
  4. Durability: From the use of tough leathers to double-stitching to seam placement, we build gloves to last.

Rome's New Insulation Levels

We’ve overhauled our insulation system for the new collection, using high warmth-to-weight ratio materials like Primaloft and Thinsulate to power the oven-like power of our mitts and gloves. To improve dexterity and warmth, we put more insulation on the back of the hand and less on the palm side.

  1. Platinum: Our premium level, we use high-warmth Primaloft on the back of the hand and Thinsulate on the palm side.
  2. Gold: Found in technical all-winter models, this level uses Hyperloft on back of the hand and Thinsulate on the palm side.
  3. Silver: Powering our everyday models, this level uses lofty Fiberfill for back-of-the-hand warmth and a lighter level of Fiberfill on the palm side.
  4. Bronze: Micro fleece throughout for maximum dexterity on warm-weather days

3D Precurved Fit

Hands aren’t flat; they have a natural curve to them. So we “last” our gloves to build them in a 3D shape that matches the hand. To achieve this we tweak the pattern and the length of materials create this 3D shape. With our 3D Precurved Fit, our mitts and gloves feel like an extension of your hand, which means more comfort and more freedom of movement.


We love the dexterity and durability of leather for building snowboarding gloves because both things are super important to snowboarding. We need dexterity to grab between the legs and we need also dexterity for strapping in every run. At the same time, both of these things put heavy use on snowboard gloves. With flexibility and strength, leather is a amazing for the demands of snowboarding.

HiPora Inserts

To drive the waterproofing of our mitts and gloves, we use HiPora waterproof-breathable inserts in nearly every model to keep your hands dry. Dry hand are more comfortable, and more importantly, dry hands are warmer when you spend a lot of time in the backcountry.

  • HiPora 5000: advanced levels of waterproof-breathability for our premium mitts and gloves
  • HiPora 3000: workhorse levels of waterproof-breathability for the bulk of our line