BOA HeelLock Harness

Quickly Dial-in Your Ankle Fit for How You Like Comfort and Response

With a BOA reel on the upper cuff that controls a lace pattern that connects the shell tongue to the ankle region, this technology increases control over fit and flex in our three SRT models. Riders who want more foot stability and support can crank up the BOA, while rider who want more freedom and flex can leave it looser. Or if you like variation for different types of riding, it’s super easy to adjust your heel hold on the fly.

PowerStay Strap

Added Leverage To Control Your Upper Cuff Response Level

We created a unique power strap that is mounted to the eyestays of the boot’s upper area. The purpose for placing the strap’s anchors on the eyestay is to increase the ability to close and lock-off the upper portion of the cuff. With our PowerStay strap, riders can modulate the amount of toeside power and response they have.

GripLight Outsole with Vibram

Engineered to Flex With Snowboarding; Built to Grip Ice, Snow and Rock

Traction in our SRT boots is delivered with our Vibram-powered GripLight outsole. Using two different compounds of Vibram rubber for premium traction on snow, rock and ice, we also integrate harder durometer studs in the toe region for added grip. We also design this outsole around our V-Rod concept that drives power toe-to-heel and flexibility side-to-side. Because we know hiking is a fundamental part of a quality snowboard life.