Insert foot for good times

When it comes to designing boots, fit and comfort matter most. For 2014, we’ve overhauled our liner technology for even higher levels of fit—introducing Foot Impression Technology. New targeted memory foams. New extra-plush Skate Cuff. New HexGrip Technology. New luxurious face fabrics on our Zonal Lining. New multi-density F.I.T. footbeds. New flex technologies like the NKS Shield. Self-conforming toe areas. Heat-moldable as always.

Liners that take the impression of your foot for a better fit.

Ankle comfort that remembers the shape of your foot.

Integrating memory foam into our fit-enhancing Skate Cuff technology was the next step for our Design House to evolve the conforming properties of our liners into the NEW Foot Impression Technology. As the season progresses the Skate Cuff Memory holds shape and conforms to the contours of the foot, making a lasting impression in a heel cup that remembers to conform. Plushness that envelopes your ankle area, and takes a customized personal fit.

Never leave the cushy feel of your skate shoes.

270 degrees of cushioning that encompasses the ankle while holding the heel securely in position. The open cell foam is highly responsive to forming around the ankle—and it also feels great forming a soft-ass collar around your foot. An idea influenced from skateboarding, our Design House has transformed the Skate Cuff into fit-enhancing snowboard technology.

Keep your foot in place.

A new technology for enhanced fit where we place a small pattern of silicon grip gel on the liner zone that touches the back of your heel. Better heel hold means better control.

Better fit.

On our Elite F.I.T. liner, we put an EVA outsole on the liner to make it fit better with the shell. With a stable liner sitting inside the boot, your foot stays in place, eliminating the need to crank laces and ankle straps. Side benefit: Feel free to walk around camp in your liners while your boots are drying out.

No tight squeezes up front

We integrate a section of self-conforming elastic material at the front of our F.I.T. liners. As varying foot sizes and shapes need more or less room in the toe box of the boot, the Expanded Toe Zone creates a liner that adjusts to your unique foot shape in the toe area.