NEW Boa Lacing System

Fast, simple foot control

As lacing continually evolves into faster and easier systems, streamlining the process of tightening with comfort is essential for a custom fitting shell that conforms around the liner. With the NEW Foot Impression Technology added to the inside, the Design House has incorporated the innovative concepts from Boa into the shell design of certain models. With Boa reels there are small degrees for fine tuning a precisely dialed boot. Plus it’s super fast and easy.

Double Boa Tri Zone

A combination of two high powered Boa reels locking down three zones of tightening. The upper, mid, and lower sections are under complete customization and control by meeting over the tongue with the Boa Tri Zone guide. The side high power reel tightens the forefoot and slightly above the ankle. The high powered coiler reel on the tongue tightens the upper cuff and down into the ankle region. Directly over the ankle region, the two zones meet and create a third zone of tightening with the Boa Tri Zone guide. Two Reels, three zones of customization…Its simple.

Double Boa Dual Zone

Two separate Boa reels tighten zones: the forefoot and the upper cuff. As the Boa system tightens they continually lock into place maintaining a desired feel while still providing the option for fine tuning while on the go. The Boa system has been designed with two types of reels. On the side, one mid-powered reel tightens the lower section of the boot. On the tongue, a coiler system automatically begins the lacing process of the upper cuff and retracts to a tensioned position when loosened.

Single Boa

One Boa reel that tightens the entire boot simultaneously in complete comfort with a pressure-free closure. Fast and easy. As the Boa system is tightened the boot shell closes over the entire F.I.T. liner with the same amount of force throughout the entire boot.