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*Base colors may vary

Boneless Limited

Laid up like a skate, to feel like a skate.

Sidewall looks the same, profile feels the same, rides pretty much the same. Is this a skate deck or a snowboard? With the horizontal 4-ply core design and Skatecore Profiling, it’s hard to tell. When the skatepark is full of snow, the Boneless solves the problem.


Boneless Limited 145 Snowboard

$369.99 USD

Rome Boneless Limited 145 Snowboard
Rome Boneless Limited 150 Snowboard
Length: 145

Tech Check

HotRod Technology: Glass Single Barrel

It’s not cheating…just a little more snap in your step-ups, downs, and all-arounds. One rod straight from the bindings to the middle of the contact point.

Skatecore Profiling

Skatecore Profiling creates both the ollie feel of a skateboard and the turny feel of a pair of trucks. We do this by thinning the board between the feet and thickening the core under foot.

ButterOut Transition Zones

We elongate and mellow the curve of the edges at the contact point. This creates a playful feel on the snow and lets you get greasy on rails.

QuickRip Sidecut

Two additional mid-board contact points between off-set sidecuts for added grip at high speeds. Or, engage the inner contact points at slower speeds for a playful, shorter feeling board with control. QuickRip is a Rome signature technology for power when riding fast and extra fun when slowing things down.


True Twin

Flex & Feel

Very Playful

Terrain Mapping

All Mtn
Weight Range (lbs)
Weight Range (Kg)
145 150
115-170 125-185
52-77 57-84
Overall length
Effective Edge
Running Length
Nose Length
Tail Length
Waist Width
Nose Width
Tail Width
Sidecut Depth
Sidecut Radius (m)
Nose Radius
Tip Height
Tail Radius
Tail Height
Camber Height
Design Stance (in/cm)
Stance Range (in)
Stance Range (cm)
Design Stance Location
145 150
1450 1500
1070 1120
970 1020
240 240
240 240
254 254
283.6 285.4
283.6 285.4
14.8 15.7
7.95 8.29
Skate kick Skate kick
42.0 42.0
Skate kick Skate kick
42.0 42.0
0 / -3.0 0 / -3.5
23.5" / 60.0 23.5" / 60.0
22-25 1/4 22-25 1/4
56 - 64 56 - 64
centered centered