We design three types of board shapes that work with camber to drive the different feels within the Rome quiver. Shapes don’t dictate where a board should be ridden, but different shapes definitely prefer different types of riding.

True Twin

Our True Twin shapes are perfectly symmetrical. Stances are centered and the nose is identical to the tail. If you want to mount your bindings “backwards”, the board will ride exactly the same. The best boards in the line for riding switch, the True Twins define the the personality of our park boards and our all-mountain freestyle boards.

Directional Twin

When you set these boards on the snow, the part that touches the ground is a twin; from contact point to contact point, they are twin. They are directional in the nose and tail kick areas—the nose is slightly longer than the tail, and the shape of the nose and the tail often differ from each other. With twin and directional components to the shape, these boards are versatile, destroy-anything all-mountain freestyle snowboards.


Directional boards are boards that have stances that are set back on the sidecut, boards that have longer noses than tails, and boards that are stiffer in the tail. Many of the Directional boards also have taper where the width of the nose is wider than the width of the tail. These shapes are ideal for all-mountain freeriding and powder riding.