QuickRip Sidecut Technology

QuickRip Sidecut

Two sidecuts with the same radius (arc) are off set with one between the feet and one in the nose and tail. Where they meet near your bindings are shaped Mid-Board Contact Points where the center sidecut transitions down to the nose/tail sidecut. The result is a board that can be ridden slow and loose between the Mid-Board Contact Points at your feet, and a board that can be ridden powerfully along the full running length. The Mid-Board Contact points become areas of added edge grip when the full running length is initiated. One board—rides short and rides long.

One board, rides short

The Mid-Board Contact Points give the response of a shorter board without initiating the whole running length.

One board, rides long

The Mid-Board Contact Points work as edge-hold enhancers when the board’s full running length is engaged at higher speeds.

QuickRip Sidecut Diagram