TurboRod Technology

Advanced Carbon Tubes for Precision and Response

Carbon is light and super poppy. Not a brand to just throw some carbon tape in a board, we take a unique approach to how we use carbon to improve response. We mill channels in targeted areas of the core and place a sleeve inside the channel. Then we insert a thin rod of carbon inside the sleeve and anchor the carbon rod at the end of the channel closest to the midpoint of the board. This allows the other end of the carbon in and out of the sleeve and load up more energy. When the storage of energy is released, it increases power and pop for the board.

HotRod Technology

Targeted Pop From a Diversity of Materials

Using rods of carbon, glass and bamboo, we place HotRods in the boards to deliver power to specific areas.

Configurations of TurboRod and HotRod Technologies

Putting Power and Pop Precisely Where You Want It

In our TurboRod and HotRod Technologies, we use different configurations to control the level of response and the feel of the board. Some configurations just add longitudinal ollie pop. Some balance longitudinal pop with torisional response. And others focus more on improving the torsional power of a board.

Single Barrel

The configuration inlays a rod in the centerline of the board emanating from the binding towards the tip. This is great for freestyle boards that want more ollie and jump pop, without increasing the torsional stiffness of the board. Focused for a freestyle approach.

Reverse Radial V

This pattern features arcs that start under the bindings and bend towards the middle of the board at the contact points in the nose and tail. On our advanced freestyle boards, this focuses rider energy in the middle of the board for added ollie pop without significantly increasing the torsional response.

Double Barrel

This configuration features two rods that start under both bindings and extend in straight lines towards the tip and tail. The result is a double dose of straightline pop, and it also increases torsional response to put more kick into our flat-rocker and powder boards.

Dual Arc

This pattern follows the arc of the sidecut on both the toeside and heelside edges. It a ton of extra torsional response for quick, powerful edge work, and explosive longitudinal response for high ollies and explosive pow slashes.

HiBeam Technology

3D Design To Add Ollie Pop

In the new Artifact, we three-dimensionally design an “i-beam” shape into the core in the nose and tail to add power where you ollie and nollie into and out of tricks. The top glass laminate contours with the core profiling to add targeted stiffness where you want it, while still allowing the overall flex of the board to be forgiving and playful.