Regardless of the board’s flex profile, we firmly believe that all snowboards should load up energy and release it dynamically. This is key for ollieing, transitioning from one turn to the next, and exiting rail tricks. We’ve innovated a menu of pop-enhancing technologies to inject all our boards with this kind of feel. Dead boards suck. Lively, responsive boards rule.


Our new Carbon Dual Arc configuration powers the Blur with explosiveness off edge and power through the apex of the turn. This new pattern joins our other variations of TurboRods—our technology that puts pop-enhancing rods inside of sleeves for more dynamic response in the tip and tail. Because the rod moves independently from the sleeve, it is able to load more energy and increase pop.


Some of the most advanced, exotic material in the world, Zylon is lighter than carbon, stronger than carbon, and more poppy than carbon. So when we lay it down the centerline of our boards, it adds a big kick of response. Two configurations include a 2-inch wide laminate for max strength and pop, and a 1-inch wide version for a healthy dose of added response.

HotRods Technology

We start with thin, hollow tubes of carbon, bamboo or glass and then we place them in channels that are milled into the cores of nearly all of our boards. These rods load up energy when flexed and then pop back dynamically when pressure is released. To control for different types of performance in distinct models, we’ve developed four different configurations to add power exactly where we want it.

Carbon Dual Arc

Bent to mirror the sidecut, this pattern adds the most edge power, while also adding ollie pop.

Reverse Radial V

Bending towards the centerline, this pattern mainly increases longitudinal pop.

Double Barrel

Perfect for rocker boards, this pattern adds edge power while also increasing a ton of ollie power.

Single Barrel

A single rod in the centerline, this pattern adds ollie pop while letting the rest of the board flex normally.