NoHang-Ups 3D Camber Profiling

Playful and Poppy—The Power of the Diamond and 3D CCR

NoHang-Ups Diamond Tech

NoHang-Ups is Rome’s modern innovation in the 3D base contouring realm that started back in the 60s with the Snurfer and continued through the Morrow Spoon nose in the 90s. Where we evolve from past ideas is through the integration of our proprietary NoHang-Ups Diamond and our areas of 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker (CCR)—where and how the base rockers is unique to Rome. With the Diamond underfoot and the 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker in the nose and tail, you get the best of both worlds: precision, control and ollie power mixed with a surfy, buttery feel.

Two Types of NoHang-Ups

A flat-camber Diamond that ends 20 mm before the contact points for maximum freestyle fun that still pops ollies and stomps landings (even in the back seat).

A positive-camber Diamond that ends 10 mm before the contact points for a balance of powerful pop and surfy finesse.

Place mouse over board to explore our new 3D Camber

What the Diamond Does

Under foot we place a symmetrical Diamond shape where the 3D CCR DOESN’T exist. The Diamond is full board width between your feet, and it comes to a rounded point in the centerline of the board just short of the board’s contact points in the nose a tail. This Diamond is what gives the board precision and control—with a spine of non-rockered camber down the centerline of the board, you have the ollie power and anti-revert directional control of flat camber and positive camber snowboards.

What the 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker Does

Outside of the Diamond, the board is shaped into three-dimensional Continuous Curvilinear Rocker—absolutely no flat base surfaces here. The 3D CCR starts at the edges near your bindings and increases to the full width of the board a little before the contact points. With the 3D CCR, you have the looseness, fun and floatation of rockered boards.

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