Flex-Tuned Laminates

Flex With Pop Comes From Fiber Orientation

Using fibers of carbon, basalt and glass, we create patterns of differing angles of the fibers to tune board performance. By manipulating the weight of the fibers, the amounts of carbon and the direction of the off-axis fibers, we use these laminates to help define that uniquely Rome Flex With Pop.

SuperlightBiax Laminate

Crazy light. In the Mod and Mod Rocker, that’s the design objective with this laminate. A light biax pattern keeps the torsional flex smooth and fun, to match up with the power boost delivered by the four carbon HotRods.

StraightTriax 30 Laminate

The perfect balance of flex and pop out of a laminate. 30-degree fibers are mellow enough to adjust to changes in terrain and to land with confidence. 30-degree fibers are poppy enough to spin hard off the lip of a jump and slash a wall of pow. A key weapon in park-to-peak performance.

StraightTriax 45 Laminate

Laid up in an orientation specifically for the rider who is looking for precise pop and ripping turns. The 45-degree off-axis fibers provide the grip and kick that seekers of all-mountain destruction rely on.

StraightBiax Carbon Laminate

The 90-degree fibers of biax give that foundation of freestyle fun. The addition of carbon decreases weight and adds a height to your ollies. Flex With Pop? Damn right.

StraightBiax Basalt Laminate

Basalt is the environmentally-friendly little bro of carbon. Teamed up with the buttery, park-oriented feel of the biaxial pattern, the basalt fibers add pop and strength.

StraightBiax Laminate

The laminate that optimizes smooth-flexing good times. For those riders who hang mainly in the park or who are just getting hooked on standing sideways, this laminate tunes the board for creativity and fun.