Flex-Tuned Laminates


One way we tune the flex of our boards is through the orientation of fiber angles—larger angles mean more power, lower angles mean a more forgiving feel. The other way we tune flex is through the use carbon to give added pop in specific areas of the board.

SuperlightBiax Laminate

An insanely light biax pattern keeps the torsional flex smooth and fun, complementing the added pop and response in boards with TurboRods .

StraightTriax 30 Laminate

The kill-everything laminate tuning. 30-degree fibers deliver the best of both worlds—enough response to rip terrain and enough flex to have fun and make micro adjustments.

StraightTriax 45 Laminate

45-degree fibers deliver the response and power that discerning all-mountain riders like for laying carves and slashing powder. Holds turns amazingly and pops like mad into the next one.

StraightBiax Carbon Laminate

The perfect laminate for freestyle pop. 90-degree fibers give a baseline of flexible fun, and the added carbon gives unmatched ollie pop into and out of tricks.

StraightBiax Laminate

The perfect laminate for feel-good snowboarding. 90-degree fibers give a mellow, freestyle flex that is ideal for just cruising the mountain or getting technical on a jump or jib line.