HotRod Technology



Our HotRods are a key way that we put targeted pop into our collection. First we build thin, hollow tubes of carbon, bamboo and glass, and then we place them in milled channels in our cores. We use different configurations for different levels of torsional and longitudinal pop that are specifically tailored to all-mountain, park or powder riding. New for this year, we’ve added bamboo for a natural, environmentally friendly way of increasing your ollie height.

HotRod Configuration

Reverse Radial V

A reverse-V pattern with a slight radius channels power into ollies and nollies while only adding minor torsional response.

Double Barrel

Two parallel HotRods designed to give rocker boards more pop all around—for ollies, nollies and power off the edges.

Single Barrel

One HotRod down the centerline of the board is the perfect solution for giving more ollie/nollie pop without adding any unwanted torsional stiffness.