Designed By Snowboarding


From camber design, to sidecut design, to core profiling, we create boards that have different types of feel. Some feel hyper responsive, while other feel super playful. Some feel surfy, while others feel like they can do anything.

FiveGnar Sidecut


To add a lively, responsive feel to our new flat-camber boards, we designed a complimentary sidecut that features two different sidecut radii used in five distinct zones of the board. The zones under the front and back feet are the same, while the zones in the nose, tail and the middle of the board are all the same tighter radius sidecut. All zones are blended into each other to make one smooth arc that is not interrupted by “bumps”. With a tighter radius in the nose, tail and mid section, the board engages more actively, feels tighter in the middle of a turn, and finishes the turn with more pop.

NoHang-Ups 2.0


Our 3D camber profiling does two things:

  1. Create the best boards to learn on
  2. Create all-mountain boards with a unique surfy-and-poppy feel

We start with our NoHang-Ups Diamond that takes up the majority of the board’s running surface. This Diamond is the performance platform that drives edge control and longitudinal response. Because the Diamond extends to the midpoint of the board in the tip and tail, it allows riders to load energy into those areas better than a straight rocker board. Outside of the Diamond, we place 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker (CCR) that starts just beyond the bindings and increases at the contact points. This 3D CCR gives the catch-free performance that is perfect for learning to ride and the round, surfy turn that is so much fun when freeriding the mountain.

  • NoHang-Ups Rocker 2.0: Simply the best camber to learn how to snowboard. It balances the catch-free performance of the 3D that makes all parents happy, with the response of the Diamond that turns kids into snowboarders who really know how to carve.
  • NoHang-Ups Pop 2.0: With a positive camber Diamond, this configuration adds extra power to the surfy, smooth vibe of the 3D CCR. Perfect for riders who want a responsive board with a groovy attitude—and one that throws one hell of a round, powerful powder turn.

QuickRip Sidecut


To give both response and playfulness to our rocker boards, we created QuickRip Sidecut to balance the inherently looser feel that rocker provides. You still get the butteryness of rocker, but you also get added power and response when you want it. We integraet two off-set sidecuts that create one sidecut zone in the nose, one between the feet, and one in the tail. The radius of the zones in the nose and tail are the same radius. We don’t blend where these radii meet, but rather deliberately create “bumps” that we call Mid-Board Contact Points. These Mid-Board Contact Points serve as the end of the running length at slow speeds—this allows the rocker boards to ride between these points at slow speed for easy maneuverability. At higher speeds when you are using the full running length, these Mid-Board Contact Points are “bumps” that add edge grip and power.