At the core of any snowboard worth riding is wood; pure, classic timeless wood. It just pops better than synthetics. For riders that demand a consistent clean powerful flex wood is the only answer. To create new flex patterns and achieve optimal strength-to-weight ratios we use a variety of laminates, air channels and types of wood. All with one goal; Flex With Pop.

AirPop Core Matrix

We add 5 zones of ultra low-density wood for lightness. Increased lightness with air channels to reduce weight.

SuperPop Core Matrix

Increased pop and snap with the use of long poplar wood sections combined with three separate zones of low-density wood for lightness.

Pop Core Matrix

Dual zones of ultra-light weight wood converge with a body of snappy responsive poplar for a buttery yet high powered flex.

Stomp Core Matrix

100% wood core with additional impact resistant wood in high impact areas to increase dampening and strength.

TTT Core Matrix

Classic 100% nose-to-tail wood core for pure snap and ollie power. Timeless tried and true, wood is good.