Control Core Matrices


When it comes to cores, wood rules. Period. It just flexes more smoothly, snaps back more dynamically, and has an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. In constructing our cores, we combine wood varieties, laminate directions and air channels in order to maximize different levels of lightness, strength and flex-with-pop.

AirPop Core Matrix

Poplar for strength and pop. Five zones of super low-density wood for lightness. Air channels for even more lightness.

SuperPop Core Matrix

Super snappy flex through the use of long poplar wood segments and three zones of low-density wood.

4-PlyCore Matrix

Horizontally laminated poplar laid up like a skateboard to optimize a buttery, torsionally soft feel.

Pop Core Matrix

Two zones of lightweight wood team up with a body of responsive poplar. Plenty light, with a smooth, responsive flex.

Stomp Core Matrix

A full wood core built with denser, more durable wood varieties in the areas that feel the most impact. Smooth flexing, with added strength.

TTT Core Matrix

100% wood core from nose-to-tail. Classic snap with a proven continuous flex—wood rules.