Control Core Matrices

Flex With Pop Comes From Wood Engineering

The core has a major impact on the flex, weight and strength of your board. So we’ve created six varieties that optimize these qualities. Light and poppy or smooth and strong, the personality of the board is driven by how we configure the wood to create the right feel.

Airpop Core Matrix

Five regions of superlight low-density wood integrated with poplar throughout the rest of the core for the most responsive feel we make. Light and poppy.

Superpop Core Matrix

The backbone of our high-end, high responsive boards. Three zones of low-density wood with extended segments of poplar deliver a light, smooth transition of flex and a snappy reply of pop. Snowboarding is more fun when it pops.

4-PlyCore Matrix

Horizontally laminated poplar. That’s right, horizontally laminated. Laid up like a skateboard to optimize the skate feel of the Boneless. A limited release last year, this is the most buttery, laid-back core we’ve ever designed.

Pop Core Matrix

The bread-and-butter of our street-to-steeps board models. Smooth and fun for pressing out box tricks. Snappy and poppy for bombing a backcountry couloirs. Two zones of lightweight wood team up with a body of responsive poplar.

Impact Core Matrix

40% wood fiber material in a composite that extends the durability of the core and flexes oh so smoothly for the Artifact and Artifact Rocker. Also is more environmentally conscious.

TTT Core Matrix

100% wood core from nose-to-tail. Classic snap with a proven continuous flex—wood rules.