NoHang-Ups Rocker Camber

The secret in our 3D NoHang-Ups cambers is in the interaction between our exclusive Diamond and the 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker zones. In this camber, the Diamond is flat and extends 20mm short of the contact point. The result is a playful, press-happy feel that ollies and pops better than traditional rockers.

FreePop Rocker Camber

Flat in the mid-body of the board and rockered in the nose and tail. This is a stable and versatile rocker profile that we juice up with technologies like TurboRods and Bambooster. For all-mountain freestyle riders and pow surfers, this camber line combines equal parts fun and float, with just enough power for cranking a few turns.

NoHang-Ups Pop Camber

This camber blends the best of both positive camber and rocker in one board. The Diamond is positive camber, which gives the power and control of positive camber all the way until 10mm short of the contact points. Outside of the Diamond, 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker gives the float and fun of rocker.

MtnPop Rocker Camber

Rocker underfoot in the mid section and positive camber in the nose and tail turns your board into one kill-it-all machine. The rocker gives it float and low-speed playfulness, while the positive camber in the nose and tail give ollie power, carving power, and landing power. For many, it’s the best of both worlds.

Stay Positive Camber

The favorite camber for riders who prefer pop—whether it’s popping off a jump, popping out a carve, popping a big ollie or “popping” a massive cloud of powder. Our team riders, both jump-oriented guys and street-oriented guys still prefer this dynamic, lively feel. We know there are riders out there who want to stay positive, and we continue to make boards for the way many of us like to ride.

FreeTheRide Camber

Our latest innovation in the camber realm with one goal in mind: to create the right feel and response for people who rip the shit out of all kinds of terrain. From trails, to woods, to couloirs, to cliff lines, this camber line combines powerful response with surfy float. Positive camber in the tail merges into a flat camber section under the front foot, which then transitions into a rockered nose. The result is high turning responsiveness with a floaty nose that refuses to flop on groomers and in mixed snow.

Powder S Camber

There’s a very simple reason why we put rocker in the nose of our powder boards and positive camber in the middle and tail. We want boards that float effortlessly and we want boards that will throw a slash. This camber glides in fresh snow and explodes off the lip.