JibPop Rocker Camber

A flat camber-and-rocker combo with a shorter flat camber section than our FreePop Rocker. In this version, the flat camber section is narrower than the insert packs by 2 cm, with rocker under foot and in the nose and tail. The result is super easy pressing and uber-loose fun, with a solid platform between the feet for balance on rails.

NoHang-Ups Rocker Camber

A flat-camber Diamond under foot ends 20 mm before the end of the running length. Outside of the Diamond, the nose and tail feature 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker. The flat-camber Diamond gives control and ollie pop. The 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker gives easy pressing and greasy good times.

FreePop Rocker Camber

A flat camber-and-rocker combo where the flat camber section extends 5 cm wider than the insert packs. The extended flat section gives versatile response and landing power in and out of the park, while the rocker in the nose and tail delivers equal doses of rail tricks and powder slashes.

NoHang-Ups Pop Camber

A positive camber Diamond under foot ends 10 mm before the end of the running length and matches up with our 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker in the nose and tail. The result is a high level of power and control, blended with surfy float and looser fun. The best of both worlds.

MtnPop Rocker Camber

Rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail for the fun of rocker and the response of positive camber. Merged with our QuickRip Sidecut, this camber gives you fun at slow speeds, added float in powder, and full power for high speeds and big landings.

Stay Positive Camber

Positive camber from contact point to contact point. If you like a board that you can load up and release off the lip of a jump, or a tail you can count on off a big step-down, this is the camber for you. Or if you like to pop from edge to edge, ditto. Whether tuned softer for jib boards or tuned stiffer for all-mountain boards, nothing gives that electric feel and kick back like Stay Positive Camber.

Powder S Camber

We design this camber to do two things we loveā€”float AND slash. Rocker from the front foot to the nose of the board keeps it floaty and surfy. Positive camber from the front foot to the tail keeps it responsive for exploding the lip of a white wave and entering the darkest of white rooms.