Snowboarding has a wide diversity of super fun ways of shredding the mountain— trees, park, groomers, cliff lines, side hits, street features, half pipes, open bowls, backyards and more. And different cambers are better at bringing the stoke for some types of riding than other cambers. Selecting your cambers to build a quiver comes down to what you want to ride and how you want to ride it.

Responsive Cambers

Stay Positive

We will always make the camber that most of our team riders and long-term Syndicate riders demand: positive camber through 100% of the running length. The reason why snowboarders like Stale, Ozzy, Bjorn and Alek like pure positive camber is for the high level of response it delivers. It loads rider energy and releases it with a distinctive feel for precision and power for carving, poppy off the lip of a jump, stomping a landing or locking into a rail trick.


A modern evolution of a Rome “industry first” that we created back in 2009, Fusion Camber features positive camber through most of the running length, with a small amount of rocker just before the contact points. This design creates a versatile all-mountain freestyle feel that has the power and response of the majority positive camber zone, combined with a smoother overall feel and added rise in powder from the small dose of early rise.

Blended Feel Cambers


We unify three distinct zones of camber in this profile. Zone 1: from the tail to just in front of the front foot, we use positive camber. Zone 2: in front of the front foot, we use a section of flat camber. Zone 3: rocker in the nose. The result is a camber that drives all-mountain freeride performance. The positive camber mid body and tail drive the carving responsiveness and the slashing power. The flat zone that merges into the rockered nose balances powder float with clean turn initiation.

Free-the-Ride 3D

Featuring the same three-zone approach as the Free-The-Ride camber, the FTR 3D profile includes 3D rocker in the nose of the board. The 3D adds a round, surfy feel in powder, while the positive camber from the front foot to the tail works with the flat camber forebody to deliver a powerful, responsive feel for turning in all snow conditions. The result is a profile designed for all-mountain freeriding, with added performance in powder conditions.


Flat camber throughout the entire running length creates a balanced feel that combines the responsiveness of positive camber and the playfulness of rocker. This makes it a perfect camber for a rider who likes to rail turns and session jumps, but who wants the board to be more forgiving than a traditional positive camber board. To keep performance in this profile, we combine it with our responsive FiveGnar sidecut geometry.

MtnPop Rocker 2.0

A moderate amount of rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail create a versatile feel that many riders prefer for a varied life of freestyle snowboarding and all-mountain freeriding. The rocker between the feet keeps the board floaty in powder and nimble at slow speeds, while the positive camber in the nose and tail deliver precision turning performance and pop off the lips of jumps.

Contact Rocker

This profile starts with a flat camber in the mid section of the board, and then adds rocker in front of each binding through the nose and tail. Looser and more playful than the straight Contact Camber, the rocker version is perfect for riders who want a park destroyer or an all-mountain weapon that flows smooth turns and floats effortlessly in powder.

NoHang-Ups Rocker 2.0

The world’s best camber for learning to snowboard. We combine a “diamond” of flat camber under foot that also extends to the centerline of the nose and tail. Outside of this positive camber shape, we integrate three-dimensional continuous curvilinear rocker that raises the edges and becomes full rocker at the ends of the running length. The 3D rocker in the nose and tail keep kids from catching an edge, while the Rome-exclusive diamond under foot gives the edge control needed to learn proper carves and slashes.

Surfy Cambers

Powder S

This profile combines positive camber from the tail through the mid-body with a rockered nose. This delivers two things that we feel snowboarding demands for surfing powder: float and glide up front, and slashing power in the tail. We want to float into deep pockets, and then we want to explode them and enter dark white rooms.

Powder S 3D

We combine a 3D rockered nose with positive camber from the mid-body to the tail. The 3D profiling in the nose adds float in powder and it gives a smooth, round shape to the arc of your powder turn. From there, the positive cambered mid body and tail take over to add power to your powder snowboarding for driving through arcs of deep snow an finishing with an explosive slash that can only come from a positive cambered tail.