Riding fast is the name of the game and our line-up of bases are designed to haul ass.

SinterCarbon Base

Pedal to the floor riding with carbon additives to help reduce friction and make the base lightning fast. A highly porous sintered base material guzzles wax to supercharge your riding.

SinterSpeed Base

For some of our high-end boards we use this high-end sintered compound to bring new levels of speed to your riding. It also retains the absorbed wax helping you to maintain mach speeds between waxes for effortless ripping and jump boosting.

SinterTrue Base

The workhorse of base materials, this strong and absorbent base is the first level of speed generating technology. It provides a healthy dose of speed for bombing groomers, lapping park or beating your friends to your favorite stash.

Impact Base

This base is designed for riders who don’t stop riding when the lifts aren’t spinning. This high-density design is engineered to stand up to the abuse of pavement, rocks or anything else you can ride.


Strong, fast, easy to fix and simple. This is the standard for everyday riding and beyond, wax it, shred it and repeat.