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SinterCarbon Base

For our fastest boards, we take a high-end sintered structure and add carbon to it to increase the speed. Carbon additives reduce friction with the snow, which makes you go even faster.

SinterSpeed Base

Speed matters, whether you want to glide smoothly through powder or whether you want to make sure you clear the knuckle. For our higher end boards, this is the base that ensures you get to the line first and you land in the sweet spot.

SinterTrue Base

Baseline sintered speed to drive our mid-range freestyle and freeride boards. Plenty of wax absorption from the sintered structure.

Impact Base

For park boards and boards that our team riders take to the streets, we’ve created a stronger extruded compound to help fight against the abuse of rails and boxes.


A strong foundation of extruded base material that is plenty fast and super easy to repair.