Base Compounds

Speed and Durability.

That’s what we press into our designs through base selection—a high glide factor and defense against hard objects on the hill. Depending on how fast you want to ride and how abusive you are to a board, the right base can make all the difference.

SinterCarbon Base

Carbon additives reduce friction to make the base fast as hell. A highly porous sintered structure absorbs wax for a baseline of gap-clearing speed.

SinterSpeed Base

A high-end sintered compound makes for super fast boards in the high-end part of our line. Absorbs large amounts of wax for multiple days of straight-lining powder and effortlessly bombing into your local jump line.

SinterTrue Base

Strong and wax absorbent, this is our first level of speed through the power of a sintered base. All the speed you need for an average day riding park or racing for all the untracked lines.

Impact Base

Our extra high-density extruded compound is ideal for the rider who puts a beating on his board and doesn’t get around to waxing it very often. The high-density design holds up to damage from rails, boxes and stumps.


Fast enough for most riders, this is our standard of simplicity that is made to stand up to the everyday beating. Strong and easy to fix.