V-Rod Baseplate

V-Rod Baseplate

The combo of a smaller binding footprint and more power from edge to edge is ideal for any binding-board combination V-Rod delivers.

How the baseplate is designed: A v-shaped “rockered” baseplate.

  1. A 110mm “rod” of contact with your board from edge to edge, extending from the outside of your heel to your big toe.
  2. The medial rear corner and lateral front corner of the baseplate are raised (v-shaped) off the surface of the board, and are replaced with compressible EVA and rubber.

How it rides: Flex with pop.

  1. The narrow 110mm footprint of the rod lets your board flex more naturally.
  2. The narrow 110mm footprint of the rod, combined with the compressible EVA and rubber give your binding more progressive tweak.
  3. The edge-to-edge contact of the rod gives you direct toe-to-heel power.