NEW UnderWrap Heel Hoop With Channel Adjust

UnderWrap Rules. Now It’s Easy.

UnderWrap has always delivered Flex With Pop—now it’s better with a set-up time that is all that much faster. As the backbone of our hybrid bindings, the UnderWrap system is the single most important Design House technology for combining unadulterated heel-to-toe power transfer with side-to-side snowboard tweakage. By lifting up on the toeside section of the binding while digging in heelside and vice versa, the power from your turn is leveraged into both edges. With the added Channel Adjust system, you can now move the heel hoop without removing any nuts or bolts. With 20mm of track, there is plenty of room to customize the heel hoop to any boot.


UnderWrap.3 Heel Hoop with Channel Adjust

Designed with additional coring specifically for the Targa model, this heel hoop drives power with flex at the lightest possible weight.

UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop with Channel Adjust

Created for the 390, 390 Boss, and Madison Boss models, this frame has a solid heel section to take a beating and coring on the sides to lighten the load.

UnderWrap Heel Hoop with Channel Adjust

The original non-cored option, for ultimate power and simplicity.