Toe Straps

ConformGrip Toe Strap

With over-molded rubber that grips for increased comfort and control, this toe strap is the most conforming configuration on the market. An upper and lower plastic frame merged by heavy-duty rubber in two configurations. More grip on the toe means less need to crank your straps, which means more comfort.

  1. An X pattern focuses grip over the front of the boot and allows a little more flex for the 390 Boss and Mob Boss Models.
  2. The vertically aligned configuration on the Targa model provides added support and more surface area over and around the toe.

OpenForm Toe Strap

Taking insight from our Mob Ankle strap, we opened up the design and created a supportive structure that tightens over the top of the binding as well as around the front. Simultaneous stability and conformed comfort.


Conformist Toe Strap

An EVA structure that covers the entire toe box of the boot and can be ran over the top or around the front. Either way, this all-over construction gives consistent support with a simplistic design.