Highback Technology

AntiShock Highback

Take on big landings and backcountry with the highback suspension specifically designed for the Targa. Built in two parts the upper section flexes on a bushing system connected to a lower stabilized piece. Shock absorption for your ride.

390 Asym Highback

Manufactured asymmetrically with a slight cant inward, this highback is built to match stance angles and flex with any board and boot combo. Take the 390 or 390 Boss anywhere and get the perfect balance of flex and response.


Madison Boss Highback

For our highest tier model in our women’s line, the Design House created an asymmetric highback with a thinner profile for more Flex-With-Pop. It’s also shorter than other highbacks for an ergonomically accurate fit and strategically cored out for an overall lighter weight.

Mob Highback

A shorter highback and hollowed out top section is perfect for freestyle-oriented flex. Superlight, this is a highback built for freestyle riding and street.


Runway Highback

The Runway highback focuses on a lightweight and flexible platform, centered on the ideal of perfect fit. By ergonomically shaping the profile we have eliminated uncomfortable pressure points and matched the binding to the stance.

Arsenal Highback

Dependable and built for all conditions, this highback is centered on the spectrum of flex and support. Light, supportive, and always fun.


Strut Highback

A little shorter in height and rounded at the top with an asymmetrical shape tailored to a woman’s anatomy, this highback was fully thought out to accommodate the most aggressive lady shreds.

United Asym Highback

Shaped to match the natural inward slant of boots, cored out to be a super low weight, and flexible enough to snap back. This highback delivers for an all-mountain rider.


Shift Highback

Providing what is needed from a beginner to an advanced rider, this highback is dependable, durable, and lightweight.