Highback Technology

Targa AntiShock Highback

Shock absorption for better terrain feedback; supportive for power

390 Asym Highback

Built-in canting for lower-leg alignment; moderate flex for shred-it-all response

Mob Ultralight Highback

Max coring for max lightness; more flex for more freestyle freedom


Arsenal Highback

Everything you need in a highback; lightweight and responsive

United Asym Highback

Superlight and anatomically aligned, with the right flex profile for all types of shred

Madison Boss Highback

Anatomically fitted to women riders; thinned and cored for lightness


Runway Ultralight Highback

Cored for lightness; flexed for freedom

Strut Highback

Asymmetric to fit a woman’s calf; supportive for powerful riders

Shift Highback

Simply solid response; light and strong