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Flex-With-Pop Technologies

Rome Highback Design

A Family of Shapes for Dialing Flexibility and Power

When we created our Katana highback we established a shape silhouette that has informed the highbacks that we’ve designed in the last two year. The Katana also cemented our asymmetric approach to highback design that brings to life our Flex-With-Pop design philosophy. In this asymmetric approach to flex, we put more power on the lateral side and more flex on the medial side. While some of our highbacks have more flex or more power than others, they all share the same shape DNA and all share some level of asymmetric flex that delivers Flex-With-Pop.


Added coring with more structure on the lateral side for a superlight, flexible shape that keeps power where you need it.


The PowerChord highback: Unadulterated, direct control over your heelside edge, with even added support on the lateral side.


The AntiShock 2.0 highback: Built-in dampening that locks out for power, with added flexibility on the medial side to balance a spine of lateral power.


A light combination of flexibility and response through coring and our signature spine of lateral support.


Designed anatomically correct for women riders, this highback tweaks our Katana’s profile to better fit the rider.

V-Rod Baseplates

Drive Power and Flex With a Small Footprint

With our V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate and the V-Rod Baseplate we maintain a powerful connection between your big toe and the lateral side of your heel, while at the same time we lift the other two corners and increase SubBase dampening materials. We do this to engineer our baseplates to deliver proper flex:

  1. Edge-to-Edge Power from the “rod” of edge to edge contact
  2. Flow and Tweak from the raised baseplate corners and added dampening material
  3. Minimal baseplate contact to board for more natural board flex (the V-Rod Ultralight leads the industry with only 1.56% of baseplate contacting the board)

AsymWrap and UnderWrap Heel Hoops

Lightweight Edge Power Meets Proper Tweakability

We integrate aircraft-grade aluminum into our bindings in order to optimize our Flex-With-Pop approach to binding design. Featuring our signature UnderWrap design, our heel hoops wrap under the baseplate in the front to leverage rider power into the heel edge and drive power down the rails into the toe edge. With a torsionally flexible profile, our heel hoops keep your interface smooth, surfy and tweakable side to side. More than other bindings, our UnderWrap-powered design delivers:

  1. Edge-to-Edge Power
  2. Side-to-Side Tweak and Flow