Rome Highback Design

We Design Highbacks To Deliver Flex With Pop

For 2019, we’ve expanded our family of highbacks that are driven by our Designed By Snowboarding philosophy. While different models have different combinations of flexibility and power, they all share the concept of an asymmetrical flex pattern that puts more support on the lateral side. This is because that is where snowboarding loads power into your board, and at the same time, you want flexibility and freedom on the medial side for flowing through turns and tweaking tricks.

Katana Men’s

Our new AsymChannel highback is still a more flexible option in our line, but we’ve increased its response slightly for cleaner heelside response. A new asym flex channel combines with 14% glass-filled nylon to up the precision.

Katana Women’s

Perfect for the average size of women riders, added coring with more structure on the lateral side gives the right blend of lightness and supportive response.


The PowerChord highback is the most powerful model in our line, perfect for riders like Stale who demand quick, undiluted response.


The most balanced flex profile in our line, the AntiShock 2.0 highback is powerful and smooth at the same time, with built-in shock absorption. A team favorite.


A light design that combines flexibility and response for a ride-anything flex profile.


Anatomically shaped to fit women riders, this is a mid-flexing lightweight design.


Minimal coring on the medial side gives this workhorse binding a high level of heelside response.


Built like the Crux for everyday heelside power, this model is sculpted to fit and flex for women riders.

V-Rod Baseplates

Toeside Responsive Power Combined with Side-to-side Flex

Another way we build Flex With Pop into our bindings is through our V-Rod baseplates. In our V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate and the V-Rod Baseplate, we create direct connection from front to back from your big toe to the lateral side of your heel. At the same time, we raise the corner of the baseplate near your little toe and the opposing corner on the medial side of your heel. This combination gives you power edge to edge AND flexibility side to side. It improves board flex by reducing the plastic contacting the board. Here are the specific ways V-Rod technology delivers Flex With Pop, while also improving board flex.

  • Edge-to-Edge Power from the “rod” of edge to edge contact
  • Proper Snowboard Flexibility from the raised baseplate corners and added dampening material
  • Minimal baseplate contact to board for more natural board flex (the V-Rod Ultralight leads the industry with only 1.56% of baseplate contacting the board)

AsymWrap and UnderWrap Heel Hoops

The Signature Rome Architecture That Optimizes Both Power and Flex

Our superlight UnderWrap Technology is another key way we balance the power and flexibility needs that snowboarding demands. It’s a key way we create Flex With Pop. By wrapping the toeside ends of our heel hoops under the baseplates, we add a ton of leverage and power transfer into our bindings. The result is the clean transmission of rider energy into the edges of the snowboard. At the same time, our UnderWrap heel hoops are free to twist torsionally so when riders move side-to-side, the feeling is smooth, tweakable and flowing. Because of our UnderWrap technology, Rome bindings deliver

  • Edge-to-Edge Power
  • Side-to-Side Flex