Technology for Customization


Customization Matters. When you get in the driver’s seat of someone else’s car, what is the first thing you do? You adjust the seat. Because shit needs to fit. Since bindings are the interface between you and your board, customization is even more important to getting bindings to work optimally for you. They need to flex where you want them to, they need to support where you want them to, and they need to fit like you want them to. Our bindings can be run straight out of the box if you want, but if you adjust our uniquely innovative features, they can be customized more than anything else to make your snowboarding better. With Rome bindings, riders can get a perfect fit between their bindings and how they ride. For riders who know better than to accept dumbed-down, de-featured bindings.

PivotMount Strap Technology

Unmatched Control Over Strap Position and Strap Support

A Rome-exclusive technology. Found on the Katana, our strap-mounting system delivers 5 symmetrical positions and 20 additional positions for unmatched control over strap placement and strap support. Run ‘em high for support, low for added freedom, or in the middle for traditional response. Or run the asymmetrically for varied side-to-side support levels. Simply loosen, rotate, and tighen.

Position 1

Low over the top of the foot for the most flexibility.

Position 3

Centered over the ankle for traditional levels of support.

Position 5

High above the ankle for the most toeside response.

Cant-in-the-Back Technology

Align Your Highbacks For Optimized Response

Another Rome-exclusive technology. Your lower legs are where your transmit power into your binding. So our unique highback canting allows riders to adjust the side-to-side angle of their highbacks to match the spine of the highback with the angle of their lower leg. For narrow stances, run 0 or 3 degrees of canting. For wider stances, go up to 6 degrees to keep your highbacks in line with your lower legs.

0 degrees

6 degrees

Yes, I Cant Technology

Added Nose and Tail Power, with Comfort

We created adjustable canting for our InBase padding system under your foot to let riders customize two aspects of their interface. Increased canting underfoot gives riders more power over the tip and tail of their boards. Some riders like this for all types of boards, but it is particularly beneficial for rocker boards that have less power in the tips and tails. Increased canting also puts less pressure on the knee for greater comfort, particularly for riders who run wider stances.

0 degrees

2.5 degrees

Full Highback Rotation

Custom Power Placement in All Models

We feel this is a basic snowboarder human right. Though many others don’t, we make sure all our bindings offer highback rotation for letting riders adjust highback position to match their stance angles and their personal styles. Full range from 0 degrees to 24 degrees.

0 degrees

24 degrees