Technology for Customization


Customization Matters. We believe riders should be able adjust their bindings to match their personal styles. No two riders are alike and no two riders like the same exact way of communicating with their board. With unique Rome adjustments in highbacks, baseplates and straps, we deliver customization for power, flexibility, and comfort.

PivotMount Technology

The Rome-only innovation that not only gives you choices of ankle strap support, but also makes strap placement super easy. The out-of-the-box setting is over the ankle for all-mountain performance. But why just go with one choice? With two quick turns of a screw, you can lower both sides for more tweakability, or raise both sides for more powerful response. Or adjust both sides independently for a custom asymmetrical response. This is toeside support adjustment made easy.

Cant-in-the-Back Technology

Featured in our high-end bindings, Cant-In-The-Back technology lets riders adjust the side-to-side canting of their highbacks. This lets riders make sure their highbacks stay in line with their lower legs as stance widths change. A small detail that makes sure riders communicate with their boards seamlessly.

Yes, I Cant Technology

Our mid and high-end models come with two sets of easily interchangeable InBase Pads. One set features 0-degrees of canting and one set of 2.5-degrees of canting. Canting adds power over the nose and tail (perfect for rockered snowboards), and it keeps wide stances more comfortable on the knees.

Full Highback Rotation

This is the starting point for all customization packages. We believe snowboarders have a right to customize their bindings, and we particularly believe this about highback rotation. This is because highback rotation lets riders put their highback power exactly where they load up heelside response. This is technology you see on all Rome bindings.