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Customization Technologies

PivotMount Technology

Quickly Control Your Toeside Response

We created our PivotMount Max on the Katana and Targa, and for this year we’ve added our new PivotMount on the Vice and Guild. The goal is to make it super easy to move where your ankle strap sits on your ankle so you can adjust toeside response. Just loosen a screw and snap the PivotMount’s arm into different positions. In addition to asymmetric options that riders can explore, we suggest three primary positions:

  • 1Run your straps in the LOW position for maximum tweak
  • 2Run your straps in the MID position for a balance of power and freedom (this is the default setting)
  • 3Run your straps in the HIGH position for driving max power into your toeside edge.

Cant-in-the-Back Technology

Align Your Higback Power With Your Leg

In our high-end bindings like the Katana and Targa, we include the finer, more detailed points of customization for those riders who want to optimize performance like you would by tuning the engine of a sports car. Since the angle of your lower leg changes with the width of your stance, we let riders adjust highback canting to keep the highback in seamless contact with the back of your boot. The result is more direct control over your snowboard.

Full Highback Rotation

Put Your Power Where You Want It

Put your power where you want it, not where some binding company thinks you should be forced to have it because it’s cheaper to make a binding that way. We believe in highback rotation 100%—when we started designing bindings 14 years ago, this was one of the must-have features. With a range of 0 to 24 degrees, every Rome binding has highback rotation so riders can align their highbacks with the heel edge. This delivers direct power on heelsides.