PivotMount Technologies

More Control to Adjust Toeside Flex or Power—Quick and Easy

Only found on Rome bindings, there is nothing like our PivotMount Technology to let riders control whether they have a flexible, mid-range or powerful toeside performance profile. To change toeside response, we make it super easy to move where your ankle strap sits on your ankle. Simply loosen a screw and snap the PivotMount’s arm into different positions. In addition to asymmetric options that riders can explore, we suggest three primary positions:

  • 1Position in the LOW position for maximum tweak
  • 2Position straps in the MID position for a balance of power and freedom (this is the default setting)
  • 3Position straps in the HIGH position for driving max power into your toeside edge.

The Pivotmount

  • 8 positions for Pivotmount Max = 64 configurations
  • 4 positions for Pivotmount = 16 configurations

Cant-in-the-Back Technology

Put Highback Power Where You Want to Feel The Response

For the type of person who likes to tweak a dirt bike or sports car to maximize performance, we include precision points of customization in our high-end bindings. Depending on a rider’s height or stance width, the angle of the lower leg is not the same for every rider. So we’ve designed optional highback canting so that you can angle your highbacks to match the angle of your lower leg. The result is more precise communication between rider and snowboard.

Highback Rotation

Adjustable Highback Power Placement—the Right of Every Snowboarder

When we started making bindings fourteen years ago, we knew from Day 1 that highback rotation would be a fundamental performance feature on every binding that we would ever make. We’d never make a binding without giving riders the ability to rotate the highback so that it is in line with the heel edge of their board. This is critical to letting riders with different stance angles put their highback power where they need it for proper heelside response.