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Rome Ankle Strap Design

Two Advanced Straps for Seamless Response

In our Katana, Targa, D.O.D. bindings, we include our most advanced straps to optimize comfort while at the same time giving the fit and connection needed for clean control over your board. In one strap we let riders adjust toeside response while in the other one we focus on lightness and a kill-anything smooth flex profile.

UltraAdjust Ankle Strap

Easy, tool-free adjustment lets you pick three levels of power over your toeside edge. A comfortable, flexible pad integrates with a centerline of support to give power and comfort.

Supportive Flex Position
Mid Flex Position
Max Flex Position
UltraLight Ankle Strap

The injected EVA pad delivers the comfort and lightness, while the centerline of support locks into a hex pattern for a system that creates a smooth, comfortable flex for all styles of riding.

Rome Toe Strap Design

ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
Pressure-Free Conformable Control

The ConformGrip 2.0 continues our legacy of designing industry-leading toe straps. With this latest iteration of our approach of creating straps that conform to any boot’s toe shape, we maximize our use of high-friction over-molded material to stretch and lock into place over the toe of your boot. The results is more foot control with less pressure, for maximum comfort.