Technology for Connected Comfort


Rome continues to lead in design. Using things like 3D design, adjustability and targeted flex zones, we create straps that integrate seamlessly with your boots’ ankle and toe regions. With our designs, less pressure is required to deliver control, so the result is higher comfort. We also are the only brand to use D30 in binding dampening to deliver industry-leading levels of impact absorption for more comfort and protection on big landings.

Strap Design for Connected Comfort

From our earliest conformable toe straps and adjustable ankle straps, we’ve pioneered ankle strap design. In 2017, this tradition continues. For the new season, we’ve created three new designs that lock riders into their bindings with comfort and seamless control. In the Targa’s new UltraAdjust ankle strap, we innovate once again in the realm of designing a strap with adjustable flex that features three easy-to-make settings.

V-Rod SubBase Pad

Our V-Rod SubBase pads are nearly the only thing touching your board’s top sheet. The result is smooth, chatter-free ride and cushioning on big landings. In the Katana and select models, we use D30 for our SubBase material to take shock absorption to the highest level.