Ankle Straps

PF Adjust Ankle Strap

The Progressive Flex (PF) Adjust strap has two interchangeable EVA inserts for over-the-top customization. Three options of stiffness to go from extremely flexible to fully supported. Created for the Targa and intended for a versatile rider who needs a quick adaptable setup.

NEW Contour Boss Ankle Strap

Take the most form-fitting, mid-flexing ankle strap , add more memory foam inside, add a flexible neoprene backing outside, and redesign the support pattern on the front. That’s the Contour Boss. Found on the Boss models, this is the ultimate in comfort with no pressure over the boot.


Contour Ankle Strap

Tried and true, this strap continues to hold the reigns of binding comfort. Dialing in the flex of the 390, this strap boasts temperature-resistant materials and conforming internal foam that flexes and merges securely over any boot.

OpenFlex Ankle Strap

Designed to take on long park days with a low profile, the Mob ankle strap is the most flexible in the line for press into rails and hold it down off jumps. Inspired by a feel-all skate style, this ankle strap is simple and effective, with street flex.

PF Ankle Strap

Progressive Flex (PF) is all you need when strapping into all-mountain comfort. Lay into heelside turns and get support in toeside turns. Simple and straight to the point.