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Libertine SRT


Michael Paddock

Art Director

Instagram Handle: @paddock

When and how did you start working at Rome?

A few years ago

Describe your perfect day of riding

Standing in line 2 hours before first chair. Just kidding, that sucks. There would a foot of snow up there and I’d link with the boys for a burner fast lap on the quad, followed by a few Japan laps off the gondi. Round it out with a couple pops in the lot and you’ve got yourself one hell of a day.

What is your go to set-up?

Libertine SRT boots and Katana bindings for everything, because I like to have that comfort and consistency in my kit.

If it’s a fast, groomer day, the Blur is the absolute best board. Hauls ass and lets you really get low.

If we’ve got a little fresh snow up there, I’ll take a Mountain Division. It lets you rip through the tracked out chunder on trail, and the hot rods in the tail give you a ton of power in your turns. When you dip into the woods with it, the nose floats like a charm and you can really open it up on open powder faces.

12” plus? Powder Division 153 or 157MT. Floats in the deep stuff like a pontoon boat, but hauls like a jet ski. It is super quick and nimble for getting weird in those tight New England trees, and will surprise the hell out of you with how fun it is on-trail while you head to your favorite tree stash.

If I was only able to ride one board, it would be the Crossrocket. Pretty much does everything I mentioned above, and does it well.

Favorite story from working at Rome?

There have been far to many to recount here, but for me personally, I think it was the first time I looked up and saw a Live Nude Girls Artifact on the lift. Seeing that board still puts a smile on my face. Winning the first Transworld Team Shootout was pretty special too, working with an all time squad overnight for 5 days, we created a pretty unique edit that I’m still really proud of.

Most important piece of advice you’ve even been given?

Don’t forget to call your mother.

Activities other than snowboarding?

Fish, cook, garden, orange boat